Monday, June 09, 2014

Amazon plans to launch 3D smartphone in the June 18 unveiling event

Gadget lovers are excitedly waiting to see Amazon’s new smartphone which is supposed to be unveiled on June 18 in Seattle. This smartphone has caught the attention of tech lovers because of its some special features. It is said to be glasses-free 3D smartphone which might help the company to make a tough competition with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S5.
With the launch of its new smartphone, Amazon will increase the range of its mobile devices. Other two mobile devices from Amazon are e-book reader and tablet PC.

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos will host the unveiling event where he has invited customers, developers and media. There is also a video posted on tweeter account which shows people checking out the devices and moving their heads to different angles to see the screen. It indicates Amazon device’s 3-D viewing capabilities.