Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sales of desktop PC is declining

These days many people are excited about new tablet PCs. So, it is no surprise that bad day of desktop computer and laptops has come. As a result, demand for desktop PC and laptop is decreasing and many people are instead going for tablets and smartphones. I found a news in USA today that stated that there has been 8.6% decrease in PC shipments in the third quarter of 2013. These reports and statistics came from Gartner.
It is clear that the shipment for personal computer will not increase but I don’t think that the days for PCs are finished. The reality is that smartphone can never be any viable alternative for a laptop. At the same time, the basic problems with tablet are two. On the one hand, a tablet has a smaller display or screen. It is very difficult to do any kind of serious work in a 7-inch screen. On the other hand, tablets are still less powerful and there are some limitations. If you want to do any serious professional work then doing it in tablet is some difficult.