Saturday, October 12, 2013

Microsoft Surface tablet gets most negative reaction from PC industry

Microsoft is losing its battle on smartphone and tablet industry. We know that in these two fields Apple iOS and Google’s Android are the market leaders compared to Windows operating system. So, it is no wonder that Microsoft wants to get its own share in this industry and tablet seems to be very attractive. Microsoft already has Nokia under its belt for the smartphone. As for smartphone it has decided to go directly and make something called Surface. However, in the PC industry others are not so happy for it.
As a result, some PC manufacturers are trying to find an alternative to Microsoft. One such alternative is Android. Android has already become the market leader in the smartphone and tablet PC industry and we know that it is free OS compared to the fact that you have to pay money for Windows. So, one example is HP which is going for Chromebook which is also Android OS. Acer is also doing the same.
In near future, we will see more and more companies going for Android OS because it is free. So, Microsoft should move carefully and should not alienate its major hardware partner.