Friday, August 16, 2013

Sales of mobile devices overcome PC sales at Lenovo

The world’s largest PC maker, Lenovo, on Thursday announced that it sales of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablet computers, have surpassed the PC sales. The company sold 11.4 million smartphones which was more than double in the second quarter that ended on June 30. It also sold 1.5 million tablet computers at the same time.
According to a report published by a research firm, IDC, it had been come to know that Lenovo became the fourth largest smartphone maker worldwide because of its huge sales in the second quarter with a market share of 4.7 percent, up from 3.1 percent a year earlier.
For their smartphone business, the company is mainly dependent on it own country China which accounts for about 80 percent of sales. However, Lenovo is also trying hard to strengthen its position in the international market.
It is enough to understand that the popularity of mobile devices is increasing day by day all around of the world. However, mobile devices market is still being dominated by Apple and Samsung. Now, the question that may come to readers mind is that if Lenovo will be able to make a tough challenge for them.