Thursday, June 27, 2013

New smartphone app that let user record things that happened 5 minutes ago

A new smartphone app, Heard, has been launched. This new app will let users record everything that happened around him or her five minutes ago.
According to The Sun report, if the user wants to record something that has already happened, he can go into the app and do exactly that.
If the user does not want to record the audio then the recordings will be continually deleted after every five minutes.
The good thing of this app is that it can transfer audio clips to social networking sites like Facebook so that it can be uploaded onto it or emailed to friends.
This app is run continuously whenever the smartphone is turned on and constantly records whatever is going on and keeps it in a state of buffering. Seeing a red banner at the top of the phone, the user comes to know that the app is still on.
The free 12 seconds recording time is available in the App store, but if users want to record up to 5 minutes then they will have to pay USD 1.99.