Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kindle Smartphone: Is it only gossip?

Rumors regarding the highly anticipated smartphone from Amazon are now circulating on web. If the rumors are to be believed then Amazon might have to delay the release of its smartphone after facing unexpected issues with its production partner, Foxconn International Holdings. It is also said that Amazon’s new device is now under engineering verification test conducting by Ensky Tech, one of FIH’s subsidiary companies to ensure the new smartphone is ready to come in the market.
Though there have been rumors of its existence since the day the Kindle Fire was unveiled in 2011, Amazon has not officially confirmed the existence of smartphone. It is yet to know what the name of smartphone will be. Even, gadget fans are excitedly waiting to know about the screen size of the smartphone. It is said that Amazon will offer two models varying display sizes.
If the rumors become true then smartphone would be Amazon’s third major product after e-readers and tablets to its lineup.