Thursday, March 07, 2013

BCB announces incentive to draw a Test match

Bangladesh cricket team’s tour of Sri Lanka will kick off on 8 March with the first Test match against the host nation at the Galle International Stadium. It is going to be a very tough tour series for the touring nation.
However, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has announced some financial incentives to inspire the national cricket team to perform well against the strong opponent team. The team will be given money for drawing every Test match.
BCB has increased the amount of their financial incentives. According to the BCB, for each drawn Test match, the team will get an extra Tk 100,000 ($1250) besides the Tk 150,000 ($1875) that they will receive as Test match fee, which has also been increased from Tk 100,000 ($1250).
Not only Test match fees but also their match fees in ODIs were also increased from Tk 60,000 ($750) to Tk 100,000 ($1250) for each game. Players will also get Tk 50,000 ($625) after being previously paid Tk 35,000 ($438) for every game.
Bangladesh cricket team does not have any good record in the Test cricket history. In their last 13 seasons, the team drew only seven games. Their last draw came against West Indies due to bad weather. Their only drawn Test match that came without the aid of stormy weather was against Zimbabwe in 2005.