Saturday, June 09, 2012

IMS Research shows the decline of the average price of Tablet PCs

As the numbers of companies are increasing in the tablet PC market, it is becoming very competitive day by day. Companies are facing tough challenges to compete in the continuously increasing market. The good thing for consumers is that the average selling price of tablet PCs is decreasing.
The well-known research organization, IMS Research, recently released that the average selling price of tablet PCs have declined by 21% to $386 in a single year in the first quarter of 2012.
Because of the decline of price, companies are facing intense competition in the tablet PC market. The market leader Apple reduced the entry price of iPad 2 to $399. That is why, other companies in the tablet PC market have been put under pressure. Rival companies are being forced to decrease their product’s price.
The price of tablet PCs will further increase. In the near future, we can see that every person will be the owner of tablet PC.