Tuesday, June 28, 2011

E-reader beats Tablet PC

It is very interesting to see that e-book reader has not lost its interest despite the dominance of tablet PC. It has been disclosed by a survey conducted by Pew’s internet research farm. This survey shows that e-reader has defeated tablet PC in the competition.

According to the survey, 12% people are now using e-readers, which is 6% higher than last November. On the other hand, 8% of adults use tablet PCs.

It is obviously a good news for e-reader companies, such as Amazon. Kindle is the e-reader device from this company. It may increase the production of the device.

The reason that may increase the sale of e-ready is its cheap rate compared to tablet PC. It is also said that e-reader is easier to handle. E-books are available for e-reader device.

Now, gadget lovers are excitedly waiting to see how long tablet PC will take to overtake e-reader?

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