Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why did Akshay Kumar skip IIFA award?

Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar, did not attend at the recently concluded IIFA awards at Toronto. It is said that he skipped the prestigious award giving function because of Shah Rukh Khan.

Akshay Kumar was worried thinking about Shah Rukh Khan’s return to the annual bollywood festival. He thought that King Khan would steal his attraction.

However, Akshay Kumar showed the cause of not attending at the IIFA award. He sent out the official reason where it was written that he was busy shooting for Housefull 2 in London. Later, it was heard that he and his wife were making holiday in Rome during the past weekend.

According to a close source, Akshay’s family vacation in Rome actually happened before IIFA. It raised many questions. One of the questions was that why he could not separate one day to attend at the annual function.

Akshay Kumar is the Indian brand ambassador for the Canadian Tourism Commission. He has always introduced Canada as his second home.

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