Friday, May 06, 2011

Will Shah Rukh Khan kiss Kareena Kapoor in Ra. One?

Bollywood actor, Shah Rukh Khan, has been getting much media publicity for his upcoming science-fiction film, Ra. One. News come out that Shah Rukh Khan will be seen doing lip lock scene with Kareena Kapoor. This news may surprise many of his fans as they are yet to see him doing such ultimate act. If the news is true then perhaps we can see him for the first time kissing any of his leading ladies on the lips.

However, Shah Rukh Khan has strongly refused about it. It is yet to know if the news is true or not. Though lip lock has become very common in Bollywood today, he could successfully keep himself away from doing this.

It is said that he has broken his no kiss vow in his upcoming film. In one of the songs of Ra. One, he will be seen kissing Kareena Kapoor, who played the leading female character.

It is yet to get any confirmation from the sources close to him. As SRK doesn’t like sharing lip lock on screen, it seems to be a rumor that is made to attract the audience.

The much-awaited big budget sci-fi film, Ra. One, will be released on 26th October 2011.