Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why Asian Cup 2011 wont change anything for Indian Football?

We all know that cricket is the main sports in India and soccer or football has hardly any popularity except some states like West Begal and Kerala. This time, India is taking part in Asian Cup football 2011. The last time, the country could do so was in 27 years ago. So, it is rare thing that India is doing and in the first match, India suffered a heavy defeat against Australia by 4-0. India cannot’ perhaps win against South Korea either. So, there is hardly any possibility of India moving in the second round of Asian CUP 2011.
Some people think that because of participation in the Asian Cup football 2011, people will become more interested about this sports in India. However, I strongly disagree with them because in cricket, India is already an established name and Indian people will not become interested about football unless they can see some good result. India even sometimes cannot win the trophy of South Asian football and in the past has suffered defeat at the hand of Bangladesh, Nepal and even small Island country like Maldives. So, I think that if football has to grow in India then the government must invest more in grass root level.