Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bangladesh has got fever of World Cup Cricket 2011

Here is just one month before the start of World Cup cricket 2011. The opening ceremony is going to take place in Bangladesh and that is why, the whole country is suffering from cricket fever. Today, the weather is very cold and many people are suffering from this cold weather. But most people in their heart feel warm with the arrival of World Cup cricket in their home soil

This is a very good opportunity for the country to showcase itself to a global TV audience. Just other day, Beximco Group has decided to become the official sponsor of cricket team. Before that it was Grameen Phone.

In the recent year, Bangladesh has witnessed good victory against countries like West Indies and New Zealand. In the past, when Bangladesh used to play even countries like New Zealand, it suffered humiliating defeat and most people thought that this was natural. However, in the last one year, we have seen some inspiring performance from Bangladesh cricket team and we are hopeful that in this World Cup Bangladesh will do very well.