Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is Andrei Arshavin leaving Arsenal?

We all perhaps knew that Manuel Almunia is almost sure to leave Arsenal. Now, there is a shocking rumor that Andrei Arshavin may also leave the club. There is some rumors that Arshavin is going to leave Arsenal for Italian club Juventus.

Juventus is also a very good club with a long tradition. Most probably, Arsene Wenger will not miss Manuel Almunia a lot but I cannot understand the justification of selling Arshavin. Yes, Arshavin is not in great form for Arsenal this season but this happens in football. For example, the club did not get the service of Robin van Persie that much in the last season. Even in this season, Robin van Persie has not scored many goals. However, all the Arsenal fans know very well that van Persie still a very valuable player.

Same way, I think that Andrei Arshavin is also a very important player for the club and Wenger should not sell him. In stead, Wenger should try to understand that what’s wrong with Arshavin and support him in this important time. Anyway, if Arshavin indeed goes to Juventus then we will see how he performs there.

However, I like to state again that it is still just a media speculation and there is no confirmation from either Arsenal or Juventus about it yet.