Thursday, January 13, 2011

Price increase in vegetables is a concern among Indian Commoners

Inflation is a big problem for any country and for India, it is even bigger problem because India has a population of nearly 1.2 billion. Any increase in the price of basic commodities affects the ordinary people in a very bad way. So, millions of people living under or just over the poverty line are always worried about rising inflation. All they care is that the price of food items remains unchanged. However, there is very little news to be happy because the prices of some vegetables have increased significantly compared to one year ago.

Onion is something that all the people eat in this country but Indian government is finding it almost impossible to fight against the onion price. This matter shows that Indian has to give some attention to the agricultural sector. In the last ten years, the government has been too much busy in portraying the success of outsourcing in the media. There is nothing wrong in that but sadly I think that Indian government has more or less neglected the agricultural sector. At the end of the day, India cannot afford to import most of the food items because it has a very large population. So, it has to again focus on agricultural and further make sure that all the food items are produced within the country. Only then, the inflation can remain under control.