Saturday, January 29, 2011

Japan beat Australia to win the 4th Asian Cup title

Japan made a record of winning the fourth Asian Cup title after beating Australia by 1-0 in the final match of the Asian Cup 2011. With this victory, they have also regained their Asian Cup trophy 6 years after. They won their last title in 2004.

The substitute Tadanari Lee was emerged as the hero of Japan’s Asian Cup 2011 final match victory. He scored the match winning goal on extra time. He scored the goal in the 109th minute. Thanks to his brilliance goal, Japan could defeat the valiant Australia and broke the record. They are the only team who won the sub-continental football title for the fourth team. Until now, neither of the teams could win the title more than three times.

Other two teams that won the titles three times are Saudi Arabia and Iran. It will be interesting to see that if any of them can touch Japan’s record of record of winning fourth Asian Cup title.

Now, fans will be watching to see how long they can hold the trophy.

The most interesting thing is that neither Japan nor Australia was tagged as hot favorite for the final match. Both teams had equal chance to beat each other.

However, the result of the match was finalized on extra minute and both teams didn’t have to look for penalty shootout.

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