Thursday, January 13, 2011

India vs Bahrain Time and Live Score: Asia Cup Football 2011

India (2)--- Bahrain (5
90+3 minutes: The match fdinished and Bahrain by 5-2 
90 minutes: Bahrain is still looking for teh 6th goal 
85 minutes: India on attack 
82 minuites: bahrain is putting all the pressure for the 6th goal 
 79 miniutes: Bahrain has scored another goal and leading now 5-2
74 minutes: double change of player for india 
71 miuntes: bahrain is looking for another goal 
67 minutes: Bahrain is stil leading by 4-2 
58 minites: Corner for Bahrain 
55 minutes: bad luck for Bahrain that they did not get the 5th goal. THe shot was just wide 
52 minutes: India has scored the second goal and score is 4-2 
49 ,minutes: freekick for India 
46 minutes: Second half has started. India on attack 
45 minutes: half time and Bahrain is leading 4-1 
43 minutes: best spell of the mach for India. they attacked 3 times in last 3 minutes.  
41 minutes: India got a freekick but the shot was too high 
38 miniutes: Bahrain almost scored teh fifth goal but great save from Indian goalkeeper.  
35 minutes: Bahrain just scored the fourth goal and now leading 4-1 
34 minutes: Bahrain is now playing much better 
31 minutes: good attack from Bahrain but very well defended.  
28: India attacked but bad finishing.  
25 minutes: Bahrain got freekick. Until now, Bahrain has 66% of ball possession  
22 minuites: India on attack 
19 minutes: Corner for Bahrain and scored the third goal. It looked very easy and Bahrain now leading 3-1 
16 minutes: Bahrain is now leading 2-1. They have scored the second goal 
12 minutes: Lovely attack from India. India got a corner 
10 minuites: India has scored a goal and now 1-1 
 8 minutes: Bahrain scored the first goal from penalty. 
5 minutes: no goal in the match yet. 

India vs Bahrain match of tomorrow is really a do or die match for both of the teams in AFC Asian Cup football 2011. The team that will lose the match will be automatically out of the competition. Even, the winning team will perhaps find it difficult to qualify for the second round because both of the two countries lost their opening matches against mighty Korea and Australia.
In the opening match, India lost to Australia while Bahrain lost to Korea. India lost in a very bad way of 4-0. Bahrain could offer good competition against Korea by losing 1-2. Actually, there is a lot of gap of strength between the two teams and that is why I think that tomorrow, Bahrain is the hot favorite to win the match.
In the match against Australia, India could have suffered even more goals but towards the end, the team played well and could mount some good attacks. So, Indian fans will hope for a good result tomorrow. One good advantage of India is that in the host country Qatar, there are many people of Indian origin working. So, there will be no shortage of supporters for the Indian football team.
From this point of view, Bahrain will have some advantage too because Qatar is a Middle Eastern country and Bahrain players will be playing on more or less similar nature.
In the world ranking, India’s position is I think 144 and Bahrain is ranked 91. The important thing is that Bahrain is ranked number seven in Asian football and that is why they are considered to be one of the power houses of Asia.
It means neither side can afford to lose when they meet at the Al Sadd Stadium, but Bahrain coach Salman Sharida believes there will be more twists and turns in the road before the group phase reaches its conclusion.
"Some teams might win in the first match and lose in the second, and vice-versa," he said. "This is football."
On his opponents, he added: "India are organised and have a good defence and they are among the best 16 teams in Asia."
Bahrain agonisingly missed out on qualification for the last two World Cups at the play-off stage and finished fourth at the 2004 Asian Cup.
So far, the two countries have played football only four times and Bahrain has won three. In Asian Cup Football, this is the first time that India and Bahrain are playing.
Indian coach Bob Houghton is optimistic that his players will play well. Bahrain coach has also told his players not to take India too much lightly because Indian players really could play some better in the second-half of the match against Australia.
The bad news for India is that their veteran striker Baichung Bhutia is doubtful for the match. If he can play then it will give a lot of mental strength to Indian players. Bahrain is very strong in midfield and this is the thing that will cause a lot of tension among Indian players tomorrow.
I am hopping to watch a competitive and enjoyable match but in the end, I think that Bahrain will win the match. What is your idea?