Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dell XCD28 price in India: some information

Indian is not exactly a very attractive market for smartphones because people here are fan of mainly inexpensive feature phones. However, Dell has introduced Dell XCD28 model in India and it is no available in many shops. The price of Dell XCD28 is around Rs. 15000. It is also available online.

The Dell XCD28 handset runs on Android OS. So, this smartphone will help Indian users to get the taste of Google Android platform. Until now, the Indian market has been heavily dominated by Nokia. This situation is changing and in the next five years we will see that smartphones will become very popular in the country.

Dell has not seen a lot of success with its smartphones in USA. So, I am not sure if it can do well in India either. However, Indian market is perhaps not ideal for iPhone because of expense. So, I feel that this Dell XCD28 can become a good choice for many people. Dell should remember that India is a price sensitive market and it has good opportunity to do well in this market if it can come out with some smartphones within Rs. 10000.0020