Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Who will win India vs South Africa 2nd Test 2010?

Today is the fourth day of India vs South Africa 2nd Test 2010. The match is taking place in Durban and the condition is much tensed. At this moment South Africa is batting in their second innings with 123/4. So, South Africa needs another 180 runs and they have six wickets in hand. It is now the first season of fourth day. So, there are almost two days left.

You know that India lost the opening test last week and if they lose the second test then the series will go to South Africa. On the other hand, if India can win it then it will be 1-1 and all the cricket fans in these two countries will eagerly wait for the third test.

Coming back to the second test, I think that at this moment, both India and South Africa have 50-50 chance to win. If India can get another two wickets before lunch then they will have very good opportunity. On the other hand, if South Africa can score another 50-60 runs without losing any wicket then they will be in a strong position.