Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Toyota Crisis: Which Companies Will Benefit?

Toyota is passing its toughest time in its history. Right now, everyday, we hear just bad news about this company especially in the US market. In the US market, it is clear that American car makers will get benefited from the problem of Toyota. I was thinking about the Asian market. In Asia, the major car markets are Japan, China and South Korea. Now India is also becoming a growing auto market. If we look at these four countries then we will notice then in Japan is very strong indeed.
In the Japanese market, Nissan and Honda will perhaps benefit from the current crisis of Toyota. I just hope that no bad news come from these two companies but now, I could find news of Nissan recall in USA. Toyota will also try hard to keep it Japanese market in fact. As for China, General Motor has been aggressively pushing last years. There are some Chinese auto makers too. In the Korean market, Hyundai may benefit.
Toyota does not have that strong presence in the Indian market and that is why no significant change will take place in India.