Thursday, March 04, 2010

Auto Recalls: Toyota is not Alone anymore

When it seems that bad thing is only coming for Toyota and other companies will be able to take advantage from this Toyota recall, the other companies are getting affected too. For example, in the last two days, we heard about GM recall and Nissan recall. Of course GM and Nissan are yet to suffer in the large scale that Toyota has been suffering but it is clear that a pattern is emerging. A car is a very important matter and what I suspect is that these days most companies are in a rate race to save money and give cheaper car to attract customers and get more market share. When you compromise with quality and try to get the better price then naturally it will create some problem. However, a car is a very important matter and it can cost human life. If 100,000 defective cars around the street then they can claim many lives.
I think that the time has come for rich countries like Japan or USA to address this problem. The government officials should sit with the high officials of all the major auto companies and try to understand the problem. They should make it clear to the auto-mobile companies then that. Safety must come first.