Saturday, March 06, 2010

After Recession Asian Countries Should Sit Together

As the recession is finishing in United States, the economies of Asian countries are also gradually coming out of the recession. This is good news and hopefully the Asian countries will be able to export more and more people will get job. Major Asian countries like Japan, China, Korea and India suffered a lot from the impact of recession because they are too much depended on US economy. It is perhaps time that Asian sit together and try to increase inter trade among themselves. China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan and Pakistan have more than two 2.7 billion population among themselves. This can be huge market but these countries do not have good relationships with each other and they do not try to actively increase relationships in the business sector. Thus, they are heavily depended on Europe and America for their products.
Years of bad relationship and mistrust are not easy to overcome suddenly. However, they must sit together annually and there should be the dream of something like Asian union in the form of European Union. These countries should actively encourage the business people to do more business.
One of the main problems that I can see is that there is a lack of organizations among Asian companies. For example, in the computer field there is something called ASSOCIO. However, in other fields, I don’t see any notable Pan Asian organization.