Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bad Times for Toyota: Good Times for Ford

I perhaps do not need to repeat the fact that it is a very bad time for Toyota right now. Toyota is suffering everywhere and in US market it has suffered serious decrease in its sale. Just last year US automakers were suffering from the impact of recession and General Became bankrupt. Government intervention saved GM and many people thought that Toyota would have very good position in US market.
Now, the situation has completely become opposite. Toyota is suffering and US automakers will be able to increase their market share in their home market. It is still not clear that which US car maker will be benefited most from the current crisis of Toyota. The sells figure will be available on this Tuesday and then it will be more clear. Most probably Ford will have significant increase in sales and market share.
The trouble of Toyota will not go away soon and it will take months for Toyota to get back on the current position.