Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Astra International President Michael Ruslim Dead at 56

Michael Ruslim was 56 years old and he died in a hospital in Singapore. He was the President of PT Astra International which is one of the largest companies in Indonesia. Details are still not clear.
I found in Bloomberg:
"For a company with a caliber such as Astra, there won’t be too much impact. The company has a good system, and the system is working. Within a day, probably everything will be settled.”
Agus Pramono, an Analyst gave this reaction in telephone. So, I guess that the company meet shortly and find a replacement for Michael Ruslim.
One of the problems for newsmen is perhaps that there is not enough English websites from Indonesia. Now, I was trying to search about Michael Ruslim in Google News and could not find anything significant about him in English language.  
At last, I found a website called Indonesia Today and they had some more information about him:
We reported two days ago that Michael was evacuated from Jakarta to Singapore due to dengue fever.
Some of his friends said it was just too late to evacuate Michael. Dengue fever could be very dangerous if the detection was too late. Dengue started with a very high fever for 2-3 days and the fever rapidly dropped on the third day.

It is really tragic death. His family members and friends are perhaps very sad now that he had to die fro Dengue fever.