Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Avatar vs Confucius in China

In many ways, China is a country with paradox. It is desperately seeking to attract foreign investors while on the other hand, the Chinese government often find itself at odds against foreign companies. The conflict with Google is perhaps the best example. Then the problem of the movie ‘Avatar’. No, Avatar did not anything that offended Chinese officials or Communist Party leaders. I guess that some of them eve enjoyed watching it as it is reported that the movie grossed $76 million in ticket sales in China. The movie has become very popular in Chinese theaters and you can watch there both in 3D screens and traditional screens.
The movie is being taken off from regular (non-3D) theaters because the government has ordered that a made in China movie on the life of Confucius will be shown instead of Avatar. There is nothing shocking about this government order either because China has restrictions on foreign films.
The only problem is that many Chinese people will not be able to enjoy Avatar in cinema halls now. It shows that Hollywood movies are making inroads in the heart of Chinese people and Chinese movies are finding it difficult to compete. There is no politics involved in it. Perhaps, Chinese government should allocate more funds and freedoms to Chinese movie makers so that they can make popular movies.
I am giving you trailers of Avatar and Confucius movies below from YouTube: