Friday, December 05, 2008

Toyota Motor Experienced 33.9% Fall in November 2008 USA Sales

Toyota Motor saw a sharp fall of 33.9% in their November 2008 sales in USA. Toyota Motor posted sales of 130,307 vehicles in November 2008 compared to sales of 197,189 vehicles in the same period of last year. There are two divisions of Toyota Motor in USA in which Toyota division fared better than the Lexus division in terms of drop in sales. Toyota division experienced 33.8% drop in sales, while Lexus projected 34.7% slid in sales of November 2008.

automotive-business-review reported:

The Toyota division posted sales of 114,084 units in November 2008, a 33.8% decrease, compared to 172,341 units in November 2007. The Lexus division has reported sales of 16,223 units, a decrease of 34.7%, compared to 24,848 units in November 2007.

Among the two divisions, Lexus’ passenger car sales dropped by 40%, while Toyota division saw 31.1% drop in passenger car sales. In light truck sales, Lexus dropped by 26.9% and Toyota dropped by 37.4% last month.