Monday, December 01, 2008

Mobile Phone: The Future is in Touch Screen?

In 2007, Apple took the mobile phone industry by surprise with its iPhoe. What was so interesting was that Apple was not a mobile phone company and still, the main focus of Apple is not mobile phone. Why iPhone became so successful? One of the main reasons was that it had touch screen facility. Now, in 2008, it seems that many companies are investing a lot on touch screen technology. Google is after it. Samsung is after it. BlackBerry hopes that BlackBerry storm will put a serious challenge to the dominance of iPhone.

So, the future of touch screen phones look to be very bright indeed. Well, one problem of touch screen technology is that it is still expensive and most consumers cannot afford it. Mobile phone is a device that has already reached more than half of the world population. So, it will take time for touch screen sets to become popular.


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