Saturday, December 06, 2008

Samsung F480 Hugo Boss Phone Comes with a Stunning Design

Samsung F480 Hugo Boss phone is a design oriented phone set that features an excellent design with the same features of Samsung F480 phone set. This is the latest high end product from Samsung’s volt. Samsung F480 Hugo Boss phone looks gorgeous with some excellent features.

The phone offers 2.8-inch touchscreen display, a quality 5 megapixel camera and supports HSDPA for high-speed wireless data. It also comes with Bluetooth facility and an integrated media player.

Htlounge reported:

The core features found in the Hugo Boss Samsung phone include a large 2.8-inch touchscreen display, an incredible 5 megapixel camera, full HSDPA support for high-speed wireless data, Bluetooth, and an integrated media player. The TouchWiz user interface has been included as well, but Hugo Boss probably added its own dash of style as well.

Surprisingly, the Hugo Boss Samsung F480 doesn’t carry that much of a premium over the non Hugo Boss phone. It’ll retail for 479 Euro, which isn’t exactly cheap, but you can probably find some Hugo Boss clothing that costs a lot more than that.

Samsung F480 Hugo Boss phone seems to be an attractive package with stunning look. However, the price tag seems to be a bit higher for the middle class users to afford. Still, the gorgeous appearance and excellent features of the handset might convince you to spend that amount to become an owner of Samsung F480 Hugo Boss phone set.