Friday, May 02, 2008

Sony BDP-S300: A Budget Blu-ray Disc Player with Excellent Picture and Soung Quality

Blu-ray Disc is the new optical disc storage medium and it is getting popularity day by day as its price is also getting down. Blu-ray Disc won a significant high definition optical disc format war with HD DVD and now Blu-ray Disc is gaining more and more market share from DVD. Many companies are introducing budget blu-ray disc players.

Sony Corporation (TYO:6758) has recently launched such a budget Blu-ray Disc player, BDP-S300, that offers all the basic functions and facilities of Blu-ray Disc player. Its picture is excellent and sound quality is also up to the mark. BDP-S300 is capable of upconverting DVD movies to 1080p format. Multimedia files which are recorded onto spacious (and inexpensive) DVD media can be run on this Blu-ray disc player. However, it is some limitations too.

PCmag reported:

As a budget BD player, though, it lacks support for the latest Blu-ray features, such as picture-in-picture and online services, and it's sluggish when loading some of the newest BD titles

However, still Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray Disc Player will attract the users because of its competitive price and excellent picture and sound quality. With days progressing, Blu-ray Disc Players are coming within the reach of many people and this is definitely a good sign for this format.