Thursday, October 11, 2007

Toyota Launched Latest Model of Lexus in South Korea

Toyota has launched its first V8 hybrid sedan Lexus in the South Korean market. The LS600hL is the highest class Lexus model till date. The car ensures the highest level of car safety besides some other additional features. Full-time all-wheel-drive (AWD) and a high-output electric motor have been added to this car. LS600hL is priced at $215,000. Lexus is one of the popular luxury class cars in the world.

Korea Times reported:
``I’m pleased to introduce the LS600hL to our customers here,’’ Toyota President Taizo Chigira said. ``I hope that this flagship sedan of Lexus will be understood and loved more by South Korean customers who have a high level of environmental awareness.’’

No doubt, the highest class Lexus model will create interest among the buyers. It is expected that the car will do business well both in Japan and abroad. Toyota is one of the leading foreign car companies in South Korea. Now, let us see if this Lexus model car can bring sheer success for Toyota