Thursday, October 11, 2007

Toyota to Unveil Environment Friendly Japanese Blend of Cars at the Tokoyo Motor Show

Toyota, widely known Japanese car company, has recently unveild some of its new model cars ahead of the Tokoyo Motor Show. The show will include cars from various world famous companies. Tokoyo Motor show will begin from October 27. Toyota is going to show the new model cars in the show as well. Their new model, environment friendly cars are designed on the basis of ancient Japanese art representing its heritage.

Associated Press reported:
A toylike green-and-beige model called Rin has a transparent floor, huge windows, and doors that slide open like Japanese "shoji" screens so its interior appears to blend with its surroundings for what Toyota called a soothing ride.
The I-Real, another model, is Japanese in a different way, boasting the nation's robotics technology.
It looks like a roofless plush armchair that scoots about on wheels, with buttons and controls on the arms. It changes positions, straightening up to move slowly among pedestrians or laying back to travel faster at nearly 20 mph.

Toyota has made a car which was inspired by the structure of a Gorilla. Tetsuya Kaida has compared the cars with tea ceremony and flower arrangement. Japanese Magna animation theme was also used in a new model car. So, it seems that Toyota wants to give a Japanese blend of cars to the world. It is not the right time to say that the new model cars will bring a boom for Toyota, but the new model cars will bring out huge interest among the car loving people.