Thursday, October 11, 2007

Honda to Present with Two New Model Cars at the Tokoyo Motor Show

Ahead of the Tokoyo Motor Show which opens 27 October, Honda will show two new model cars for the people. One is based on their CR-Z Concept and another one is PUYO. The word PUYO is found in Japanese language. It is used to express warm and friendliness. Taking safety and environment into consideration Honda made this corner-less shape of the car run by hydrogen fuel cell technology. The four seated car has not steering wheel. Rather a joystick is given in the car of this model. The CR-Z car is a two seated car with a passionate outlook.

Reuters reported:
Honda say the CR-Z aims to explore the potential of a vehicle that is both exciting to drive, and has minimal impact on the environment. The low front of the car is dominated by a large bumper and gaping air intakes, whilst the smooth glass roof and rear of the car have been designed to reduce drag. Other design details include high visibility wing mirrors and LED headlights with fin-shaped sidelights.

Honda is one of the leading automakers in the world. This Japanese brand has immense popularity among the car loving people around the world. Both the cars look stylish and are expected to attract the attention of the people in coming motor show.