Monday, August 06, 2007

Good News for Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra is a familiar name to many people when it comes pickup trucks. Toyota wants to make it popular but it did not have a very good time in 2007. However, now, it seems that Toyota Tundra is catching up on sales target. I found a press release in this regard and I am giving a part of the press release here:

The AIADA newsletter reports that after a shaky start, the redesigned Toyota Tundra is gaining traction.

Automotive News reported today that the Tundra is on track to meet its goal of 200,000 sales for the year. Sales have been aided by generous incentives, but Toyota throttled them back this month.

Tundra sales are modest compared with pickup sales at GM, Ford, and Chrysler. But doubts that Toyota could crack the segment are fading.

Toyota built a $1.28 billion plant in San Antonio to assemble the redesigned Tundra. The pickup is also assembled in Princeton, Ind.

Toyota Tundra has a long history and I hope that this car will do better in the coming months.

Are you an owner of Toyota Tundra? What is your experience with it?


Ramya said...

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Melissa said...

toyota tundra owner here! and loving it. :)

truck bed cover lover said...

That's really good news for Tundra. I think most of its buyers are those who are into off-road driving or those who are in need of spacious truck beds for their activities. Tundra looks very sporty and adding up accessories on it like grills or truck covers would make it more attractive

warn winch grinch said...

Tundra is equipped with a good towing package that can ensure you great towing ability. If ever it doesn't come with a warn , you might want to get one for increased hauling capabilities

diesel performance guy said...

I think it still needs some improvements specially with its diesel performance module. We know how important it is for trucks to have a good diesel performance since fuel prices are still going up.

mud tire squire said...

I personally like the Tundra. I think it will also do good on various terrains if equipped with a good set of mud terrain tires . Toyota is a good vehicle manufacturer and I'm sure they made the Tundra safe and reliable