Tuesday, August 07, 2007

10 Millions Cars: A Dream from Toyota Motor Corp.

Toyota Motor Corp. is the second largest auto maker in the world. Toyota bosses now have just one dream- to overtake General Motors (GM) as the number one auto maker in the global market. To fulfill this dream, Toyota is trying to increase its production world wide. Now, there is strong media speculation that from next year, Toyota is Toyota Motor Corp. is going to produce more than 10 million cars.

IHT reported:

The Nikkei article said Toyota Motor Corp. has told its suppliers it is aiming in 2008 to produce 10.4 million vehicles, or about a million more than its global production last year.

Toyota spokesman Paul Nolasco and Daisuke Kondo, spokesman for Aisin Seiki Co., a major supplier, declined comment.

Toyota's sales are booming with the popularity of its fuel-efficient vehicles, such as the Prius hybrid, and on surging demand in North America and China.

Toyota beat GM in global vehicle sales for the first half of this year, selling 4.72 million vehicle to GM's 4.67 million.

So, it can be seen that Toyota officials have enough reasons to be hopeful about overtaking GM as the market leader. Of course, I would not them to be too much obsessed with this idea. Instead, they should think of the long term future.