Sunday, May 21, 2006

World Cup Football makes a boom in the TV industry in England

England's young star Theo Walcot has bought a luxurious car for his girl friend after being selected inthe England world cup squad. If you indicate it as the extreeme joy of Walcot then what would you say after hearing the information that 20% of adult poluation in UK are planning to buy a new television, DVD player, set-top box or another gadget for World Cup 2006?

Yes, people of England are now eagerly waiting to see another 1966 (in 1966 England won the world cup for the first time and last time until now) in Germany. On the occasion of world cup, the English are spending a lot in buying new TV sets and other audio visual equipments and their budget is nearly £1 billion.

Similar craze for buying television can be seen in South Korea too and Razib Ahmed covered this topic in this blog earlier this week.
So, no doubt, England companies have already made a victory before the world cup. Isn't it?

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