Sunday, May 21, 2006

A quiz competition for the orphans using the World Cup Football

(by Biplob Kishore Deb)
Yesterday, I read an article on the Nepalese children in which Razib Ahmed talked about the 2 million children of Nepal who are suffering hunger. I was sad after I read the report. Now, World Cup Football 2006 is coming and these children will have nothing to celebrate. Well, children are suffering in many countries except Nepal.

On the other hand, a report written by Ben Pindar made me very happy which says that the official charity of the FIFA world cup has organized a quiz competition based on world cup matches hoping to raise a £1 million to spend for the orphans throughout the world.

This fundraising has been taken by the SOS children's village who are working for the orphans around the world. About 59000 orphans at 440 children's villages are living under the care of SOS children's village. A website addressed '' has been created for this competition.

A participant has to log on with a fee of £3 and all the money coming through this quiz competition will be added to the charity. Participants have to decide the winning team of every world cup matches. The highest scorer will be given great prize by SOS.

The founder of XOR limited, Jhon Sullivan expects that the £3 fee will not be a problem for the participants.

This is really a positive step towards the humanity and this kind of program can be taken by other countries and NGOS where children as well as adult people are struggling with poverty.