Sunday, May 21, 2006

Generation of Star Wars

Written by: S.M.Mehdi Hassan
Do not worry readers. I am not going to write about films. Those of you who have been regularly reading asianbiz have noticed that I write review on other blogs. Until now I have written two reviews-- Facture Express: Blog with a different Touch and Blogs from Asia- The fun Sunday School Blog. Today, I am going to write about another blog entitled Generation of Star Wars. This blog is not related to my subject but I find this blog pretty interesting. This blog is about movies and games. The writer of the blog John Hood, lives in England. John did his BA in Media production from The Media School of Bournemouth University. Generation of Star Wars comes with a good number of news about movies, computer games, gaming consoles and latest music (Western Music). Among his latest posts I enjoyed reading Planet Play station – a review on Sony’s latest third generation gaming console Play Station 3 (I think John is a big fan of Sony’s gaming consoles). The article contains every details of PS3. I hope those who love gaming will enjoy reading the article. I also enjoyed reading Nothing Compares 2 U—an article that talks about the dynamic quality of the web world and the story of how John hood started this blog and has been continuing it for two years. On May 11th Generation Star Wars celebrated its second anniversary (CONGRATULATIONS John!!!! AND WISH YOU A GREAT SUCCESS!). I found it really interesting that John Hood started this blog being suggested by his friend Tom (I WISH HIM GOOD LUCK TOO BECAUSE WITHOUT HIM WE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SEE ALL THESE NICE POSTS). Another great feature of this blog is that readers can download and listen to the audio version of each of the articles. I really liked this feature. Those of you who want to visit the blog can use this link. I hope you would enjoy visiting the blog and please after visiting if you find anything new which I have not mentioned please write in your comments.

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