Friday, May 05, 2006

Factureexpress: blog with a different touch

written by: S.M.Mehdi Hassan

Today, I visited a new blog Factuurexpress. It is published by Gaby De Wilde, a person (I would like to say a well wisher) from Netherlands. Factureexpress contains posts about website and Internet. Internet, at present day, especially, in the Western countries, has become a big business. People are using internet for various purposes. Everyday, hundreds and thousands of websites are being published on the net. Factureexpress mainly focuses about various aspects of websites. I think Gaby has used a very intelligent approach. He links various articles published on other websites and some articles he publishes himself. It increases the number of posts in a blog and also gives the blogger a chance to cover a wide array of subjects at a short span of time. Writing on different subjects at one time is a very time consuming job. I think this is the main strength of factureexpress.
Second thing I liked about this blog is that one can also find old article links on various issues. One of the articles I read was Who Can You Trust? Google, Yahoo! or Overture published in 2003) The article talks about how the search engine websites Google, Yahoo, and others make money through searches and how they implement different techniques to influence the searching behavior of the people and how the search engine use advertising of different products.
The blog also contains posts related to other fields such as environment, (Capitalism, the ecological truth).
Gaby de Wilde has published seven blogs and each one on different subjects. If you are interested you can have access to all his blogs through his google homepage.


Gaby de Wilde said...

Most professional article. My favorite subject. :0)

We should do this all the time. It's great to review the unknown parts of the internet.

I know that the fewer people like an article the more they appreciate it.

I know I do. :-)

My main blogs are my photoblog and my blogger scripts blog. The yahoo blog goes the fastest and the rest gets updated every now and then.

It's funny the Google page I've actually made for myself. So that I only have 1 bookmark for my pages. But it's useful to find out who I am. Bit like a blog portfolio. :-)

I've continued the SEO story a bit here»

And fixed the size of my photoblog archive. Thanks for letting me know.