Friday, May 26, 2006

Prisoners will enjoy World Cup Football 2006, Germany- staying in Bangladeshi prisons

(by Bipob Kishore Deb)
Dear readers, after reading the title, please do not think that Bangladesh government is going to launch any quiz competition for the prisoners so that they can go to Germany ahead of the upcoming world cup because government has no idea to let any prisoners be free from the prison before their punishment is over. So, how they will go to Germany?

Well, they will be in Germany virtually, not physically during the world cup as Bangladesh government is going to make a chance of watching world cup matches live on Bangladesh television (National television of Bangladesh) for the 71,000 prisoners of 66 prisons in Bangladesh for the first time considering the immense popularity of football in the country. Here, it is noteworthy that not only in Bangladesh, football has a great attraction in other South Asian countries too. In this regard, I read an article titled “World cup football 2006 fever and South Asia” written by Razib Ahmed where writer pointed out the huge popularity of football although no South Asian country has ever qualified in World Cup Football.

Inspector general of prisoners in Bangladesh, Brigadier General Zakir Hossain said, “The country's prisoners can watch the World Cup football for the first time as all the prisons now have televisions after we introduced them in 2003.”

The example of Bangladesh can be followed in other countries too and hopefully in the coming days the appeal of football can be used to motivate people not to break the law and go to prison.

What do you think about this idea?

Bangladesh inmates to enjoy World Cup for the first time