Thursday, May 25, 2006

Visual radio

Written by: S.M.Mehdi Hassan
Visual Radio is a blog about online radio. The blog writer is interested about blogs, visual radio, micro movies, and digital documents digital storytelling. However, the blog also contains posts on other topics. As I was going through I found a post on China (The Rise of China), which is very well written and informative. One of the main problems of the blog is that the writer does not post regularly. I think the people who are interested about topics such as, I pod, online radio, online audio and Video on demand will find lots of information in this blog. The intended audiences are Europeans since the writer lives in a European country. The blog contains a good number of articles about online audio, video. The article Online video, narrowcasting, podcasting focuses on how things like Video on demand (VOD), pod casting are quickly becoming popular and attracting lots of people and giving them a chance to represent their ideas in the net. Another Article How Many Blogs? Is about the rising number of blogs and how it is taking over the internet and also attracting various business organizations and media organizations. All the posts are pretty well written except one problem - the long period break between each post. You can visit the blog through this link. If you find anything or know anything about the writer or the blog please feel free to write here.




"Hi Helge K,

I liked your blog and one of my students wrote a review about it. the link is:
Please take a look.
Best regards,
Razib Ahmed"

Thanks a lot for the attention. I admit that my blogging has been sporadic. I didn't ever think about having subscribers or readers. The motivation for my writing has been to keep a personal journal about things that are important for myself or our family company KK-Net.

But I'm pleased and feel honored to know that somebody really - outside of a few friends and partners - search and read and analyze the Visual Radio content.

That's the way I do it myself. I'm a very curious person and like to know about new stuff. I've been terribly selfish and lazy with my publishing. I try to improve and write more frequently in the future.

Thanks to S.M.Mehdi, The analyzis is correct. I need to improve and write more frequently. And to keep up with the Visual Radio blogging.

Another reason for the sporadi writing is that I write numerous blogs and in three languages:

* Finnish
* English
* Swedish (my mother tongue)

The links to my other blogs can be found at In some blogs I mix 3 to 5 languages. I need to rethink my writing strategy and have separate blogs for separate languages.

Have a nice day!

Helge K.

mehdi said...

Thank you K,
You really have a nice blog. I like it. I do not know much about podcasting or VOD so I really enjoyed reading your posts. I also downloaded the audio clip and listened to it. I did not understand it but I kept it. Someday if I learn Finnish language then I will understand. Wish you all the best.