Friday, May 26, 2006

Yaro Starak’s Blogging Mantras

Written by: S.M.Mehdi Hassan
Are you a new blogger in the block? Are you serious about writing blogs? Do you want to attract fair amount of readers to read your posts and increase you traffic? Well, to know about all these things you should visit the Blog Traffic School.COM. This blog is written by Yaro Starak. Formerly, a web designer in the University of Queensland, Yaro started blogging in 2004. In 2005 he started, which did not have many readers. Yaro then decided to become a serious blogger and set a goal to attract at least 500 readers to his blog in which he became successful. He is now running several internet businesses from his home. His blog traffic school contains strategies for building up a successful blog and tips on 'how to increase blog traffic?'.
I went through two of his blogs-- blog traffic school and Entrepreneurs journey. Blog Traffic School is all about building up a successful blog. I am really new in blogging and honestly, I enjoyed going through all the articles of the blog trafficking school. The article I liked most is The Original Top 10 Blog Traffic Tips. This article is very very helpful for new bloggers, especially, those who are serious about blogging. They will get many good tips about “how to attract readers?” from this article. How To “Announce” A Blog describes strategies that will help you boost your blog at its primary stage. Blogger or TypePad or WordPress? talks about different blogging websites and Word Press, a software, used for publishing your writings in the blog. I did not know about this software much so I searched Google and I found an article about Word Press in Wikipedia. Those who are interested to know about word press can visit the article from this link. Another noticeable feature of this blog is you can receive news letters containing different tips and tricks about blog.
Entrepreneurs-Journey is a blog dedicated to those engaged in internet related business. This blog contains many insightful articles related to web business. I really enjoyed the latest article Why Yahoo!, MSN & Will Fail In The Pay-Per-Click Game. It contains the pros and cons of the popular search engines’ pay per click service. As I was going through the first article I came across a hyperlinked phrase “80/20 rule”. I clicked on the hyperlink and the article What Is The 80/20 Rule And Why It Will Change Your Life appeared. It is really a nice article. Yaro talks about his personal motto- which he believes. Google’s Plan For World Domination is an article about how Google will be more successful with its present line of Advertising and Payment service- its advantages and disadvantages.
Yaro also offers a course on blogging. You can know about the course from this article- How Much Will Blog Traffic School Cost? I find Yaro’s blogs very insightful and I like his posts because he talks about his personal experiences which gives his posts a different touch and makes them more unique and good to read. You can visit the two blogs from these two links:
Entrepreneurs Journey
Blog Traffic King
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