Sunday, April 30, 2006

Japan producing toys for adult people

(By S M Mehdi Hassan)
Because of the lower birth rate Japanese toy companies are now targeting elderly people. Talking baby dolls have become very the popular among Japanese people who are in their eighties. Japanese women, who are aged and retired buy these dolls. Most of these women live alone, they treat these dolls like their grandsons or granddaughters. The dolls also have the same weight of a baby. The ‘Yumel doll’ one the most popular dolls is a boy doll. The makers of the doll have labeled it as a ‘healing partner’ and it costs 8500 yen ($ 80). Japan has the lowest child birth rate but at present, it has hit the record. By 2050, the population of Japan will be hundred million from hundred and twenty eight million. This low rate of children will affect the Japanese toy market seriously. Now the toy makers are shifting their attention from children towards elderly people. According to Osamu Kiriseko, who is heading the Yumel project said that toy makers are now targeting the senior citizens.