Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Canon’s Profit rise in Digital Camera and Copier

(By S M Mehdi Hasan)
When it comes to cameras Japanese producers are the best in the world. Japanese companies produce good quality digital cameras at an affordable price.
Canon Incorporation, world’s largest producers of digital cameras and color copiers is expecting a rise in their profit margin in the first quarter of the year. Reuters declared that the data they collected from six analysts showed that Canon’s operating profit in the first quarter will be 152.3 billion yen. However, this figure is shorter than Canon’s own estimate which is 153 billion yen. Despite yen’s bad condition in the international market Canon has impressively held its top position.
Japanese Camera and photo industry sector is not doing very well this year. Fuji, Konica did not have the expected profit margin. Still they are hoping to turn around by this year. Both the companies are restructuring.
In addition, Xerox Corporation, another big producer of copiers and printers did not do very well in their first quarter. Last Monday they admitted a fall in their sales due to higher costs of their black-and-white products.
Kunihiko Kanno an analyst, estimated that Canon will exceed its quarterly target and will be able to make around 653 billion yen profit by the end of the year.