Sunday, May 04, 2014

Akshat Verma comes three years after with a new scrip

Akshat Verma has already become much known face in Bollywood due to the hit film Delhi Belly for which he wrote the script. He has once again come to limelight for making his return to the film industry after a break of three years with a script for a dark situational comedy. It is thought that Disney India and Aamir Khan Productions will produce the film.
Akshat Verma has narrated the story to Aamir Khan and the actor laughed throughout his narration. It looks like that Aamir is impressed and he is likely to have subsequent meeting to take the project forward.
Aamir Khan who has been thinking of making a sequel for almost three years may choose this script which might be perfect for a sequel to the laugh riot.

This new script requires five young faces for the lead roles but there was no discussion about the probable list of actors when he met Aamir. There is very less possibility of repeating the cast of the previous film because the stories are not connected.