Monday, May 06, 2013

Mobile PCs are forecast to hit 762 million by 2017

The future of mobile PCs is brightest. According to an NPD report released on Monday, thanks to demand for tablet PCs and touch-screen notebooks, shipments of mobile PCs are expected to reach 762.7 million globally by 2017 which is up from 367.6 million last year.
Among all these mobile PCs, tablet shipments will see more growth as it will replace traditional notebooks as the dominant device and touch screens will make their way to more notebooks. Tablet shipments are forecast to hit 579.4 million by 2017, up from 256.5 million this year.
It is thought that notebook shipments may drop to 183.3 million in 2017 from 203.3 million in 2013 -- a 10 percent decline. By contrast, shipments of touch-screen notebooks will increase by 48 percent from this year to next year.
According to the report, among notebooks, touch screens will be found mainly in ultraslim notebooks known as ultrabooks which now accounts for 66 percent of all touch-enabled notebooks. But ultrabook shipments are now expected to rise up to 80 percent by 2017.
According to NPD DisplaySearch, the latest version of Windows, Windows 8, released for both touch-screen devices and traditional PCs, will not play a major role to increase the demand of touch screens. Rather, it will be different types of lower-priced devices, including hybrids, convertibles, and sliders, to drive the touch screen demand.