Monday, May 06, 2013

Genius launches a small and lightweight mouse Ring Mouse 2

Compared to desktop and laptop computers, tablet PC has many advantages. The biggest advantage is its portability and because of it tablet PC can be easily carried with by users. As tablet PC is a touch-based device, it lacks physical keyboard and mouse. However, by adding a docking station one can get the advantages of a keyboard and mouse, but it takes a lot of space. In such a condition, Genius has come up with an interesting solution: the Ring Mouse 2.
The question may come to your mind that what Ring Mouse 2 is. It is a tiny trackpad a user can wear on his or her finger. To use this device, user requires no space and because of its small size user can easily carry it around. For hands-free web surfing or giving a classroom presentation from a distance, it can be used.
The Ring Mouse 2 is small in size and light in weight. It is the combination of trackpad and button that is surrounded by four buttons. In the middle of the face of this device, there is a small trackpad which can also serve the purpose of left mouse button. Just to the right is the right mouse button.
The above button is used as drag button to hold or drag easily the selected things. There is a button in the left side that puts the Ring Mouse 2 into a mode that lets users easily scroll up and down in long web pages and documents.
To connect this device with a tablet PC, there is a dongle to be plugged into a USB port. The big limitation of this accessory is that it can be used only in Windows based tablets.