Sunday, April 28, 2013

Shipments of smartphone beats feature phone

It is really interesting to see that smartphone shipments have surpassed the feature phone. According to a report issued by research firm, IDC, 216.2 million smartphones were shipped which is more than half of cell phone shipments in the first quarter. The number of cell phones shipped in the first quarter was 418.6 million.
Among manufacturers, Samsung became the top maker of smartphones shipping 70.7 million which took 32.7 percent share of the market in the first quarter. Their close contestant was Apple who secured a 17.3 percent share of the market by selling 37.4 million iPhones. LG was in a third place with 10.3 million smartphones and 4.8 percent of the market.
It is nice to see that demand for smartphone is increasing day by day. Many companies are now showing their interest in this market. They are giving importance of making low-cost smartphone so that most of the people can buy it.
However, in some part of the world feature phone is still prominent. According to a study by Nielsen, the sale of feature phone is still more than smartphone in India, Brazil and Russia.
A rumor has been circulating in the web that Apple is aiming to make low-cost iPhone to increase their share in the foreign markets, namely China.