Monday, March 04, 2013

Salman Khan’s presence creates frenzy in Dubai

Sohail Khan directed upcoming movie Mental is now under production. The shooting of this movie is taking place in Dubai and Salman Khan, who is the leading male character, at this moment, is now in desert city for shooting. The actor is now in the middle of his first schedule. It seems that his presence has created frenzy in Dubai.
Fans across the city are following him like crazy. They never left an opportunity to capture their celebrity’s photo or video and put a comment on a social networking site Twitter. Not only that but also they never forgot to mention the name of the place where Salman’s shooting will take place.
Whenever he goes around the city, he sees that a number of fans ready with their video cameras and mobile phones to capture his every moment. This incident came to know by an insider close to Salman Khan.
It shows that how much he is popular outside the Indian region.