Friday, January 04, 2013

Pervasive Group will launch two apps at CES 2013

Pervasive Group is going to launch two new apps at CES 2013. These two apps are MMGuardian Tablet Security for Android tablets and MMGuardian Premium for Android smartphones. These two apps will allow parents to control the use of mobile devices by children and teens. Demo version of these two apps will be shown during a Power Session on CES Press Day.
Those who have Android-based tablet PC will get MMGuardian Tablet Security app available on Google Play, along with MMGuardian app for smartphones. However, MMGuardian Premium is yet to be appeared in Google’s online store.
With the help of MMGuardian Tablet Security app, parents will be able to set time limits on Kids’ use of tablets, block the use of specific apps, and prevent kids from installing new apps. Time limits can also be used to set time for the use of specific apps.
The currently available MMGuardian apps for both tablet and smartphone can be installed on to the child’s mobile device. For uninstalling the MMGuardian app, parents will be required to given an “admin password”.
Pervasive Group says that they are making app for iPhone and it is under development. According to them, it will come with more limited set of features than the Android smartphone due to the characteristics of Apple's iOS API.