Sunday, January 06, 2013

Karan Johar did not attend Shah Rukh Khan’s New Year Eve celebration

Karan Johar’s turn down of Shah Rukh Khan’s New Year Eve invitation has created a lot of story in B Town. Despite being present in Dubai that night, he decided not to attend in SRK’s function at the last moment.
It has been reported that Karan Johar had been invited by both Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan to their respective NYE celebrations. Though he went to Dubai along with his friend Manish Malhotra, both of them did not attend SRK’s party.
According to a source close to the filmmaker, Karan Johar after receiving an invitation from SRK was in dilemma that whether he should turn down the invitation or not.
For the first time, after many years, SRK has celebrated the program without KJo. Fans may think that their friendship is becoming faded as they have ushered in the New Year together in Dubai for many years.
No doubt that he feels hurt reading the news about the relationship between him and SRK. However, he declared that SRK, Gauri and he were one unit. Fans will hope that their friendship will remain strong in the New Year also.